Sullivan County to launch Facebook page


MONTICELLO – Sullivan County has long had a website that does what most county websites do – list information about the county, its officials and agencies, and store essential public documents.
Sullivan will have a new web presence, with the launch of a Facebook page. 
County Manager Josh Potosek said it will be a useful tool.
“This will be a form of communication where we can get things out to the public a lot faster than we did today,” Potosek said. “We envision things such as meeting notices and change.  We can get those out.  We’ll also have links to our press releases there.  And, obviously, it will be heavily used in closings and emergencies.”
County legislators thought this was a good move. 
So did Public Health Director Nancy McGraw who noted that most of the 62 counties in the state have a web presence for their health departments. 

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