Letter to the Editor: Judge DeProspo apologized for his mistakes and should not have resigned


Dear Editor:

I have known Judge DeProspo for many years both as Chairman of the Republican Party and as Orange County Judge. You would be hard-pressed to find a more decent, caring, hard-working and very successful person.
He, along with his wonderful wife Kate, who also was a Judge in Orange County has served the people of Orange Country for many years with distinction. When I read the statement by Administrator Tembecnjian using words like patient, dignified and courteous and insinuate that Judge DeProspo doesn’t have those qualities it angered me. Obviously, he doesn’t really know Judge DeProspo.
Let me ask you this, would you rather have someone like the District Attorney from New York, Alvin Bragg, who lets most of the criminals off, or someone like Judge DeProspo who actually looks out for all the law-abiding people of Orange County?
Judge DeProspo is a straight shooter, he is honest and tells it like it is, no bull. He doesn’t coddle the criminals and if he tells the truth and it upsets a few in all the years he has served our County then let’s take it in its totality of service instead of a couple of minor mistakes, which he acknowledged and apologized for. The County of Orange will be less effective with the retirement of Judge DeProspo. It is truly our loss.
Joe Masi
Middletown, NY
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