Area residents look for a bright 2023

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MID-HUDSON – When queried about the notion of the New Year’s resolution, respondents in Ulster County seemed puzzled by something they thought seemed antiquated.

Yet, they instead offered hope that 2023 would further their personal and Professional goals – while leaving a somewhat turbulent 2022 behind.

“This isn’t something we normally do … other than to reiterate what I ask the staff every year and that is to be better, do better and serve our members better,” said Ward Todd, president of the Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce. “Always striving for perfection.”

At a Rosendale hair salon, the thought of proposing a personal New Year’s resolution for 2023, with the promise of change or self-improvement, was quickly scoffed at by a stylist.

“I just feel it has to be better,” said Peggy Briglia, another stylist working on a customer when the conversation touched upon the topic of inflation and its effects on personal spending in 2022.

Dolores Claus, 85, of Kingston, said she used to make resolutions for the New Year until time and dogged reality overcame her sense of optimism.

“When I was much younger,” she said, “I was optimistic about what I could do.”

Now any set goals are pushed aside by the simple reality of what happens when the sun comes up and when it is replaced later in the day by the moon. “Take it one day at a time,” said Claus.

A drive down Route 32 in New Paltz, Rob Henning was preparing an order on a grill in a Main Street sandwich shop. He bemoaned the notion of a momentary pledge during particular moment in time – when there is always an abundance of time to make a personal change.

“If you want to change,” he said, “you have the whole year to do it.”

Max Fucheck stopped in to pick an order, lamenting about personal issues which affected him in 2022.

“Make better relationships,” he said, looking forward to 2023.

And any sense of optimism Fucheck has for the coming year is enough to be upbeat about any positive changes coming his way after 2022 is left behind.

“That’s a little motivating,” he said.

For others, their resolutions were not typical – exercise more, lose weight or eat healthier.

Carmen said she is going to try to not stress over things that she cannot control.

Corrine said that as she gets older, she feels she has less patience.  She is praying to God for more patience this coming year and hopes patience will bring less stress, also.

Janet’s resolution is to follow through.  She hopes to do what she says she wants to do.

Rhonda is not planning on changing anything. “You get the same fun loving me again this year!”

Kelly said that is a good question and she is hoping to get her license.

CeCe wants to be a better person than she was the day before.  She laughingly said she has a lot of work to do!  “My mom had a rough 2022 and she said if she made a resolution, it would be to worry less, smile more and enjoy more time with family and friends.”