New York Sports Betting Market – Three Things You Didn’t Know

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Online sports betting has been legal in the state of New York since January 2022. This is when the bill was first passed and allowed operators to enter the market and offer online gambling services. Since then, the market has taken off in full force, with nine current sites offering NY sports betting to the masses.


That being said, gambling regulations still follow the same measures that they do elsewhere. These dictate that users have to be a resident of New York State while meeting the 21+ age restriction too. However, you’re probably aware of such restrictions already.


So rather than cover things you may already know about sports betting in New York, we figured we’d go the other route. And since January 2022, some interesting developments have been seen in this market. Below, you can read through the most intriguing of them all.


$1 Billion+ In 16 Days

Unless you’ve been studying the progression of sports betting in New York, we doubt that you’ll be aware of this staggering figure. As you can see, the figure quoted here is over $1 billion, with the timeframe listed as 16 days. Believe it or not, this is the amount of money that was wagered through online betting sites in New York State within the first 16 days after legalization.


When we say legalization, just to clarify, we mean from the very first day that online sportsbooks opened their doors to NY punters. And most impressively, this instantly made New York the largest sports betting market in the nation and in just over two weeks!


In-Person Sports Betting Legal Since 2013

One of the most interesting things about the New York market is that sports betting isn’t something new to the state. In fact, people have been able to make in-person sports bets around the state since 2013. So when you run the math, this shows that it took almost a decade to incorporate online betting into state law.


This is much slower than the timeframe seen with other states. But clearly, New York punters were ready for the launch, as shown by the record-breaking first 16 days. As for the actual availability of in-person sportsbooks, there are currently 11 locations around New York.


But naturally, the convenience of online betting has completely changed the game.


Nine Online Operators Already

We’ve stated above that there are 11 physical sportsbook locations around New York. However, not everyone lives close enough to justify heading out to these places to make any wagers. So it’s probably quite comforting to learn that there are currently 9 online betting brands operating in the state.


To access any of them, you will need to sign up through the respective mobile apps. Yet these allow you to make sports bets in a matter of seconds, rather than potentially driving hours to find an in-person sportsbook. And at the same time, these apps allow you to place wagers from anywhere within New York’s borders.


Once again, the convenience of this has revolutionized the sports betting market in New York.