Orange County clerk has advice for veterans

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GOSHEN – Orange County Clerk Kelly Eskew is advising veterans to be wary of any companies that charge for a copy of their discharge papers. 

“I have recently discovered that there are companies scamming our heroes by charging them up to $119 to have their DD-214 filed with my office,” she said. “There is no reason to pay pointless fees for these records. Veterans can get a copy of their paperwork and file it with my office where it will be preserved and available to veterans and their families at no cost.”

Eskew also said to show Orange County’s appreciation for your service, once you file your discharge papers, you are eligible for the Return the Favor Program for area veterans. This program allows discounts at a variety of local businesses. 

Contact the county clerk’s office with questions or for additional information. (845) 291-2690.

 If your DD-214 has been lost or destroyed and is not on file with the clerk’s office, you can contact the Orange County Veterans office at (845) 291-2470 for assistance on how to obtain a copy.