‘Asbestos Mountain’ removed from former Tech City campus

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Cleanup of iPark87 asbestos pile complete
iPark87 asbestos piles have been removed

TOWN OF ULSTER – The environmental cleanup of iPark87 at the former Tech City site in the Town of Ulster is moving forward as the “asbestos mountain” has been removed.

“EPA has removed the last piles of asbestos-contaminated material from this site, reclaiming this area for new economic activity,” said EPA Regional Administrator Lisa Garcia. “This marks a milestone for the Town of Ulster, following a process that saw officials from New York State and Ulster County take a prominent role in working with EPA to find a solution that clears the way for businesses to move forward with new construction and renovation projects. This collaborative work is a model for future cleanups.”

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer said the “once-contaminated dumping ground is now a foundation for the Hudson Valley’s economic future.”

Congressman Patrick Ryan, until recently Ulster County executive, said iPark87 “is poised to be a shining example of the Hudson Valley’s economic resurgence.”

In June 2022, the EPA reached agreement with iPark87, LLC, the current developer of the former Tech City facility, to remove asbestos at the site. The agreement calls for the proper removal of asbestos from the interior of Building 1 and remove three large debris piles containing asbestos which will be disposed of off-site at an EPA-approved landfill.

The abatement of asbestos in Building 1 is ongoing, and the off-site disposal of the three debris piles containing asbestos has been completed.