Washington provides grant for Kingston gun violence reduction program

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KINGSTON – A federal grant of $430,000 has been awarded to Samadhi’s Recovery Outreach Center in Kingston for their gun violence reduction program.

The Kingston program works with local and state law enforcement to educate, reduce and eradicate retaliatory gun violence.

The Cure Violence model teachers that individuals can stop the cycle of violence by curbing their own violent practices and using their influence to change now their community views aggression.

The model seeks to heal the damage caused by violence, change negative behaviors and empower them to help others leave aggressive patterns behind.

Nationwide, cities that have implemented the model have seen up to a 73 percent reduction in shootings and killings.

“This program, focused on preventing, deescalating, and addressing potential conflicts that can lead to gun violence, uses evidence-based practices and a street outreach program based on the Cure Violence model that was initiated in Chicago.

“This is a crucial investment that will both reduce gun violence and promote drug recovery efforts,” said Congressman Pat Ryan (D, NY-19), who announced the grant. “The Samadhi Recovery Outreach Center will work hand-in-hand with local and state law enforcement officials to detect and interrupt potential conflicts, support trained outreach workers and mediate ongoing conflicts.”