6 Proven Ways To Motivate Your Employees In The Office

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Communicated Content – Everyone goes through those days when they are feeling down and not in the mood to do anything. It is in human nature that you cannot be motivated all the time. As a business owner, you will see those days when employees and even managers wouldn’t be feeling motivated at all. A dispirited and demotivated team won’t be able to make progress in work as it should. 

If you want to motivate your employees, you will have to make them feel passionate about work and make them want to spend more time at the office. Motivating employees used to be a challenge but not anymore. We have discussed some proven ways below that will help you to motivate your employees.


Create A Friendly Workplace Environment

The first to motivate your employee force is to create a friendly work environment. Your employees spend a major portion of their daily lives working in the office and if the office environment is stressful or not as welcoming or friendly as it should be, it becomes easier for employees to lose their motivation to work. Try to make the office environment as friendly and welcoming as possible. Having to go to an office every day where you feel comfortable and welcomed, surely boosts your motivation.


Acknowledge The Achievements Of Employees

It is in human nature that humans want to be recognized for something that they have done regardless of whether it was a work-related task or a personal achievement like setting a new high score in Scrabble because of the Scrabble Word Finder. Getting praise and acknowledgment from the management can mean a lot more to employees than you might think and it will give them the motivation to come to work every day with the same spirit. Remember that if you see any employee or any member of the office accomplishing something, praise them and give credit where it is due.


Offer Rewards To Your Employees

Sometimes appreciating employees wouldn’t be enough to keep them motivated. Sometimes it takes more than praise and recognition to keep employees motivated for their hard work. Giving simple incentives to employees on accomplishing a job would be more than enough. It does not have to be monetary awards such as a raise in pay or a monthly bonus, rather things like giving a personal office to an employee for completing a huge project or sending gifts to employees with the best performance would be more than sufficient.


Don’t Let Your Employees Get Bored At The Office

Employees working at your office are also human beings and some of them might even have a short attention span due to which they can get bored easily. Getting bored at the workplace is equivalent to getting demotivated because you don’t find joy in doing the work that you are supposed to do. It is your job as a business owner to not let your employees get bored.

You can arrange weekly Friday night dinners, have a happy hour once every week, or host different events like Chess competitions or Scrabble competitions among employees. Employees would love being a part of such events and competitions and with the Word Unscrambler, Scrabble competitions would be even more fun and this would prevent your employees from getting bored at the office.


Communicate Positively With Your Employees

Positively communicating with employees is also very helpful in keeping them motivated. Simply by positively interacting with employees, you can keep them motivated. Communication is essential at work but positive communication is the key here. You can spend a short period every day or once every week to have a word with employees in your office. This will not make the employees happy that the upper management is communicating with them but it will also provide you with much-needed insights into how the business is performing.


Encourage And Promote Teamwork In The Office

One of the most prominent indications of a healthy workplace environment is that teamwork is encouraged there. Bureaucracy and hierarchy are discouraged within the office and an open setting is available where everyone from the newly hired employees to managers can share and work together as a team. Having to follow strict orders and a hierarchy level might work for some people but not for most people. Everyone in your office will be a trained professional who knows his/her job and creating an open environment will further help them do their job in a better way.