New cell tower expected to provide service in previously dark area

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cell tower

ROCK HILL – A Sullivan County-erected tower atop a Rock Hill peak is now in operation, with a public cell signal available to areas long unserved or underserved.

“This represents the ‘perfect trifecta’ of services,” noted Legislator Alan Sorensen, whose district encompasses Rock Hill and the surrounding Town of Thompson. “Verizon is leasing space on our tower to provide cell service. We plan to utilize it ourselves for our emergency communications network. And ultimately we’ll offer wireless broadband via this tower, with signals reaching potentially as far away as Woodridge, Thompsonville and Yankee Lake.”

Built on property acquired from the Emerald Corporate Center behind Crystal Run Healthcare, the 190-foot tower cost approximately $700,000, paid for with a state grant, of which the county’s share was only $10,000.

“As we built out the core emergency communications system in 2017, we were looking for pockets where we could improve public safety. At the same time, we saw this as aligning with our broadband and cell expansion goals,” said County Manager Josh Potosek. “We also strove to be sensitive to local communities’ desire not to have a tower that would significantly impact the viewshed.”