Two iconic Orange County restaurants closing

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Two long-time popular restaurants in Orange County are closing their doors.

After 71 years, Tony Boffa’s Italian restaurant in Middletown will be closing as the family is retiring, and Catherine’s in Goshen will no longer be open for business after 31 years in operation.

Both restaurants announced their plans on Facebook.

“We were hoping that someone would take over the family business and continue operating under Tony Boffa’s but unfortunately that will not happen,” the family wrote in a post.

They said effective Sunday, August 21, the property will be sold and its future is unknown.

“This has been our pride and joy to continue the business and legacy of Mr. and Mrs. Boffa for over 71 years to the Middletown community,” the family wrote.

Meanwhile, the owners of Catherine’s in downtown Goshen announced that they will no longer be open for business.

“This is a very difficult announcement for us,” they wrote on Facebook. “For 31 years, we have proudly served the community and have formed friendships that will last a lifetime.”

They wrote, “We have shared laughter and tears, grief and loss, with our customers and staff over the years. Thank you to everyone that has supported us through the great times and challenging times as well.”