Kingston City Planning Board declares NegDec on Kingstonian project

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Street view rendering of project (in background) from Visual Impact document

KINGSTON – The City of Kingston planning board discussed the Kingstonian project Wednesday.

  The Kingstonian is a mixed-use project in Uptown Kingston that includes 143 apartments, 427-car garage, 32 hotel rooms and 8,900 square feet of retail space.

Issues on North Front Street from the Ulster County planning board forwarded to the city planning board includes measures to slow traffic for pedestrian safety, which includes where it connects to nearby Kingston Plaza. 

  Also, construction can be conducted in a nearby floodplain without a variance for the Kingstonian project.

  The 63 Golden Hill Drive project is a 164-unit housing six-building subdivision, with 80 senior units, that was also discussed as the board went over environmental impacts. 

  No flooding or groundwater impacts are expected by the project. No impacts are expected to affect resident animal species, but small impacts may affect resident bat populations. An erosion and sentiment control plan will be implemented during the construction of the project.

  Small impacts on community services will be affected by the project. The Kingston School District will not be affected by the project.

The former county jail, sited nearby, does conform to this project, and it will be demolished to make room for the project. If approved, construction of the project is expected to take about 19 months.

 A PILOT, payment in lieu of taxes, for parklands is being discussed with the city as the project is being reviewed by the planning board. 

A negative declaration was declared by the planning board, stating the project would not impact the environment significantly following the discussion of these potential issues.