Abeel Street becomes one-way during remainder of Wurts Street Bridge construction


KINGSTON – The City of Kingston will switch a section of Abeel Street to a one-way street for the duration of construction on the Wurts Street Bridge.

 The State Transportation Department has approved plans to make Abeel from Post to Hone Street one way westbound leaving the city and eliminate the alternating signals at the Abeel Street and Wurts Street intersection. 

Eastbound (inbound) traffic will be rerouted at Hudson, Ravine or Hone Street to get to Broadway/Wurts Street. 

The reconfiguration is tentatively scheduled to be put in place by Friday, May 27, in time for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

 “To help alleviate some of the traffic and congestion on Abeel Street, we have worked with DOT to make Abeel Street a one-way while the bridge is under construction. We hope this re-routing will help the businesses and improve the quality of life for the residents on Abeel as well,” said Mayor Steven Noble.

 Current construction on the Wurts Street Bridge includes preparation for future concrete work involved with the bridge deck replacement. In the next couple weeks, the project will construct a pedestrian sidewalk shed beneath the bridge to keep the walkway open and dock access available beneath the bridge during construction.

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