Hinchey bill would allow hemp as packaging source for cannabis products

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ALBANY – State Senator Michelle Hinchey (D, Saugerties) would like industrial hemp to be used to package cannabis products, thus eliminate plastics.

Hinchey notes hemp is biodegradable and therefore would save the environment from further pollution if cannabis produces are packaged in it.

“What we have done is directed the state’s new cannabis control board to develop a plan so that industrialized hemp can be used as a packaging material. That way we won’t use plastics, will be using something that is biodegradable, that will support our farmers, specifically New York State farmers – small- and mid-sized family farms with a new product and create the demand,” she said.

In the long term, Hinchey said biodegradable industrialized hemp could be used instead of plastic for bottled water and other product packaging.