Skoufis wants full investigation into Medline’s new facility


MONTGOMERY – Along Route 416, just east of an I-84 overpass, is a massive warehouse owned by Medline, and Senator James Skoufis (D, Cornwall), who chairs the state Senate Investigations and Government Operations Committee, wants to know how it got it here.

“They’re a huge corporation who refuses to pay their taxes, but more relevant today is that we are sending a criminal referral to the District Attorney’s office,” he said, Tuesday. “We believe that Medline may have committed crimes as part of their attempt to rip-off taxpayers in 2019.”

Skoufis wants the DA to look into matters regarding tax breaks sought by Medline, and its move to switch IDAs from Orange County to the Town of Montgomery.

District Attorney David Hoovler said his office is in receive of the allegations, will investigate and release findings in the future.

“They lied to the Town of Montgomery and Orange County IDAs claiming they would leave New York state, go to New Jersey, go to Pennsylvania if they did not get taxpayer-funded subsidies. They did not get those IDA benefits,” he said. “They lied on those applications to try and pirate, to try and steal taxpayer funds. Furthermore, we believe that there may have been illegal coordination between the Town of Montgomery, the IDA and Medline. There’s a whole host of nefarious activities we believe that took place.”

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