State audit critical of Montgomery Village Board oversight of treasurer’s office

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ALBANY – A State Comptroller’s audit found the Montgomery Village Board did not provide adequate oversight of the treasurer’s financial operations.

The review found the board did not know the treasurer did not comply with water and sewer village laws and codes resulting in $29,300 in penalties not being assessed.

It also said the board did not implement sufficient compensating controls to minimize the risks associated with the local of segregation of duties in the treasurer’s office.

The review also said the board did not approve billing adjustments for water and sewer bills nor require adjustments to be documented and retained.

And it said the board did not perform required annual audits; the last one conducted in 2016.

The comptroller’s recommendations included that the village board should ensure the treasurer’s office complies with water and sewer village laws and codes; establish sufficient compensating controls over the segregation of incompatible duties in the treasurer’s office; and ensure the required annual audit is conducted.

Village officials agreed with the recommendations and indicated they planned to initiate corrective action.