Most Popular Mobile Apps in Canada in 2021

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Communicated Content – Mobile apps are the centre of innovation. This has been the case for a long-time now. With the advent of technologies and the ever-growing demand for businesses, mobile applications are being used by almost all types of businesses.

So, new apps are being launched on the app store almost every day. Some of these apps prove to be quite useful, while others don’t. Owing to the popularity of applications, online casinos have also started developing dedicated apps to reach out to more customers. Customers can play through these apps and still experience the same online casino thrill. The bonuses are also the same. So, you can win Welcome Bonus, 25 free spins no deposit, cashback bonuses, and more. The apps let you play all types of games on mobile devices on the go.

So, here are the top applications for 2021. Check them out.


Uber is the most popular on-demand cab service in the world for the rider. It is being accessed across Canada, too. Uber application is a technology-based platform connecting the drivers with the riders.

Through the app, users can fetch a ride. It makes sure you don’t have to wait for long to get a cab to reach your destination. Uber has incorporated Google Maps into its app. So, the driver, as well as the rider, will be able to check the exact location during the time of booking along with the estimated time to reach the customer’s pick-up point and the destination.

Uber has made it easier for customers to make payments by including several payment gateways that can be linked to the debit and credit cards of the users. It also offers e-wallets as a payment method. Furthermore, after the ride, the rider, as well as the driver are asked to rate each other.

2. TikTok

This is another popular application that has been created by ByteDance, the Beijing-based firm. It allows you to create and share short videos. One of the most popular aspects of the platform is dancing and lip-syncing to dialogues or music.

A majority of the creators of TikTok use it as a medium for all the challenges that become viral and create clever illusions by editing. The platform is rising in popularity, and this can be easily fathomed from the fact that the daily time spent on TikTok is 52 minutes on an average day. 90% of the users access it on a daily basis. ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, has now become the top highly valued start-up in the world.

3. Instagram

Instagram is an easy way to connect through videos and images. The social networking site is one of the popular mobile applications that are popular in Canada and has steadily gained popularity since it was first launched in 2010. The app offers a spectrum of opportunities in terms of digital marketing tools and ads.

Instagram is a platform that has grown over the years. With its growth, it has added several features, such as reels, highlights, stories, and more. To explore better and reach out better, you are recommended to use hash-tags.

The app has more than a billion monthly users. In present times, it is more powerful than Twitter and Facebook. From entertainment to news and beauty to health, Instagram has a lot of images. Marketers are using the platform as it promises better ROI for businesses.

4. Netflix

Netflix is a video-on-demand subscription-based application. This is the streaming service that offers documentaries, movies, and TV shows. It can be accessed on multiple devices, including smartphones. The app keeps on updating the large film inventory. Its exclusive phone subscription package and availability of incredible content has made Netflix one of the top apps in Canada.

Towards the end of 2020, Netflix had more than 204 million paid subscriptions. As the pandemic restricts people from stepping out of their homes, Netflix has seen a considerable spike in viewership and sign-ups to become the top downloaded apps in 2021.

5. YouTube

The platform is known to be the most preferred video platform. It is a treasure trove for entertainment and video watchers and creators. Creators can shoot and share content with their audience through YouTube.

Through the app, users can subscribe to video creators. Thus, they are alerted when the creators add a new video. The app comes with straightforward navigation. It has some great video features, such as queuing, full-screen playback, and more.

6. Amazon

Amazon is the top multinational tech giant offering cloud computing, digital streaming, AI, and eCommerce. It is the ideal example of technological innovation. In the Digital commerce arena, Amazon has launched many unique processes, which has created incredible value for the customers. With this, you can filter a wide range of products on various parameters with just a few clicks. The shopping app provides a seamless shopping experience.