Hyde Park recovers from heavy storm damage

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HYDE PARK – A ten-minute storm in Hyde Park last Tuesday caused substantial damage in Hyde Park and Staatsburg, according to Highway Superintendent Howard Fisher.  Highway workers spent several days cleaning up downed trees in the town.

Fisher said that his men had been working during the heat advisory on Tuesday when the powerful storm struck the town.  “In all of my years, I don’t remember a storm that knocked down so many trees,” said Fisher.  There were trees down throughout the town, causing multiple road closures.

Many Central Hudson customers from Route 9 in Hyde Park to Pleasant Valley were without electricity for several hours as a result of the storm.

“My men did a phenomenal job clearing the fallen trees and getting the roads opened up,” Fisher proclaimed.  Haviland Road was cleared and reopened on Thursday afternoon.  It was the last street to be reopened, two days after the storm, due to extensive damage.