Tires slashed as summer residents move to Sullivan County

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MONTICELLO – The migration north began Thursday as the thousands of New York City residents move up to the Catskills for the summer and an apparent hate crime has already taken place.

Tires were slashed on three vehicles belonging to religious Jewish families who are planning to spend the warm months in the Monticello area.

Mayor George Nikolados said that kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

“It is going to be prosecuted fully and hopefully we will be able to prosecute someone to the extent of the law because that is not what our village is made up. Hate has no place in Monticello or Sullivan County because hate has no place in Monticello or Sullivan County and we are hopefully going to find this person and make an example of him because it is not going to be tolerated here

The police have already begun an investigation into the incident at 80 Wood Road and the mayor said he would like to see the district attorney’s office become involved in it.