Yonkers adds Tesla electric car to police department fleet

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Yonkers PD's first all-electric car, a Tesla Model 3 (photo: Joseph Panella/City of Yonkers)

YONKERS – The Yonkers City Police Department now has a Tesla Model 3 as part of its fleet. The all-electric sedan will be assigned to the traffic unit, used for speed details, vehicle and traffic enforcement, and other functions in the unit.

The electric vehicle joins the city’s growing green fleet which already includes 33 hybrid police vehicles.

Executive Order 1 of 2020 signed by Mayor Mike Spano made alternative fuel vehicles the standard for light-duty city vehicles, to further reduce fuel use and carbon emissions.

“Our city has become a progressive leader in sustainability, and today we have taken yet another step to provide for a cleaner, greener Yonkers,” said Spano. “The unveiling of the city’s first fully electric vehicle strengthens our resolve in reducing in reducing vehicle emissions and fossil fuel dependence both good for the environment and our bottom line.”

The Tesla costs about $46,290 and has expected fuel cost projected savings between 15 percent and 25 percent as compared to the traditional combustion engine patrol vehicles. Yonkers’ current city fleet consists of over 1,000 vehicles, including over 550 light-duty vehicles such as deans, vans and SUVs.