Woodstock pharmacist conducts pop-up vaccination sites

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WOODSTOCK – Pharmacist Neal Smoller, who operates the Woodstock Village Apothecary, has been conducting pop-up COVID-19 sites since the vaccines first became available.

Neal Smoller

He started at the Woodstock Community Center and expanded his reach as he acquired additional doses.

“We also partnered with Saugerties High School. They rolled out the red carpet for us and we immunized 1,800 of their seniors in one day; we just finished that second dose run last week,” he said. “We have also done what we termed ‘the road show’ where we drive around historically black churches and communities that suffer inequities and we deliver doses to them, early on in the pandemic the elders of those communities to ensure they were being taken care of too; somebody had to speak for them.”

Smoller spent Wednesday at the Ulster County point of distribution center at the former Best Buy space in the Town of Ulster, administering 3,110 doses to walk-ins.

In total, he has administered 8,800 doses of vaccine through his own efforts.