West Point launches investigation following report of cadet rape

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CARMEL – Days after West Point graduate Alyssa Carrion came forward to tell of being raped twenty years ago in her USMA dorm, the Army has opened an investigation.

Alyssa Carrion

Mid-Hudson News broke Carrion’s story on March 22.  The 2004 graduate of the United States Military Academy says that she was raped by a male upperclassman just days after being assigned a dorm room.  Carrion said that she did not come forward after the event because female students were advised to “keep their mouths shut” when it came to sex crimes on the campus.  Carrion said that she also felt the need to come forward after 20 years to bring about change.  “The number of unreported sexual assaults at military institutes needs to be addressed, and I need to help said Carrion.  “The culture needs to change.”

Shortly after the story was published, the US Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) launched an investigation and reached out to Carrion, who serves as a counselor to veterans with MHA Dutchess Vet2Vet.  Investigators interviewed Carrion earlier this week and asked questions about the overall setting, the specific incident, and other relative information.  “The CID investigators were pleasant and said they would maintain regular contact with me over the course of their investigation,” said Carrion.

The West Point Public Affairs Office issued a statement, saying, “The United States Military Academy takes all reports of sexual assault seriously.  Once aware of the reported sexual assault, we immediately reached out to Ms. Carrion and a criminal investigation based on her complaint was initiated.  Because this is now an active criminal investigation, we are unable to provide any details as it might compromise the ongoing case.”