Schmitt calls out Democratic critics

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Assemblyman Colin Schmitt

WASHINGTONVILLE – Assemblyman Colin Schmitt [R-Washingtonville] claimed Thursday he was being smeared by state and national Democrats with mailers and social media messages against the police in his district.

“I stood up to the governor, I was one of the first people to call on him to resign and for him to be impeached,” he said.  “And then following that, I called out Congressman Sean Maloney for his series of disgusting anti-police hires to senior positions at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Within days or weeks of that, the state Democratic party starts pushing out a smear campaign, completely fabricated and debunked.”

Schmitt gathered police and constituents to his district office to explain what was going on, and he highlighted his points with poster-sized posts from Maloney staffers denigrating the police.

“We’re not going to be quiet about it. It’s just a sample of the social media posts they have put up targeting police and making vile, anti-police statements,” he said. “We wanted to make the public aware of it. They are spending tens of thousands of dollars of blood money that the Democratic party got from the health care industry, that got immunity for the Covid-19 deaths. This is the same fund that these mailers are coming from.”

Orange County Democratic Party Chairman Bret Broge responded to Schmitt’s attacks on Maloney.

“Assemblyman Colin Schmitt has still not answered for why he rallied busloads of people driving down to Washington, D.C. to participate in a rally that culminated in a violent riot. This riot was backed by White Supremacists and resulted in the death of a police officer that day. These rioters and insurrectionists claim they are pro-police but they beat and injured dozens of heroic officers. That is not how people who are pro-law enforcement behave,” said Broge.

“Schmitt needs to immediately release the video of his speech to the insurrectionists the morning of January 6th and answer for his rash actions.”

Broge noted Maloney “has delivered $339 million to county governments in NY-18, including $75 million to Orange County, much of which can be used to keep frontline heroes like firefighters and police officers on payroll and help prevent against major budget cuts. Schmitt needs to take a long look in the mirror and decide if his loyalties lie with the mob or with our democracy.”