Coyne condemns Capitol riot

(file photo)

CORNWALL-ON-HUDSON – Mayor Brendan Coyne of Cornwall-on-Hudson has joined “elected officials of every political stripe, on all levels of government, in condemning the assault on democracy in Washington, D.C., (last) Wednesday as Electoral College electors attempted to confirm the election of our next president.”

Coyne said the rioters scaling the walls of the Capitol during the siege “is abhorrent and the image of them doing so evokes sadness and anger. In a democracy we voice our preferences by voting, not by violence.”

He condemned the incident. “I deplore the bloodshed; five people have died, including a policeman. Everyone involved should be brought to justice. I pray that those who were injured recover. I have every confidence that our democracy will recover.”

In the days since the riot, members of Congress have been exploring a second impeachment of President Trump on the grounds that his words and actions spurred the protestors to riot and storm the Capitol Building.

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