Schmitt denies Democratic Party allegation

GOSHEN – State Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, a New Windsor Republican, was photographed speaking to a busload of people embarking to the US Capitol Wednesday morning.

As a result, Orange County Democratic Party Chairman Brett Broge is calling on Schmitt to “immediately resign” from the Assembly. “His judgment is impugned and he can no longer adequately represent the interests of Orange County residents,” Broge said.

But, Schmitt said he was briefing a group of Orange County Right to Life people that “included senior citizen ladies who use canes to walk around, members of local churches, union members and single moms,” who invited him to brief them on legislation.

“The fact that the Orange County Democratic Party and New York  City Democratic Socialists personally attacked me for speaking to a local faith-based group about concerns they have with state legislation shows how deeply out of touch they are and why I achieved a historic re-election, winning every single town in my district, just two months ago,” Schmitt said.

The lawmaker said because of the Democratic Party allegation, his district office staff received “a credible threat of violence that has impacted the safety of me, my wife, and my young staff members following the repugnant and false social media and press statements.”

The threat is under investigation.


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