Maloney expects his vote tally to increase


NEWBURGH – Representative Sean Patrick Maloney, an incumbent Democrat from the 18th Congressional District, closed out the evening of November 3 sure of his reelection with a victory of over Republican Chele Farley and SAM Party candidate Scott Smith.

“I once again I want to thank the voters of this district for renewing my contract for another two-year term,” said Maloney, in front of his district office in the City of Newburgh late Wednesday morning.

Maloney garnered 133,605 votes to Farley’s 126,950 votes and Smith’s 2,415 votes.

“What is clear is that we have won this race,” he said. “It’s my job to go back to work for the people who pay the bills, and who have once again ask me to carry their voices and their votes to Washington. And to get things done.”

It’s the large, still to be counted block of absentee ballots that has given Maloney the confidence to claim another two-year term.

“It’s overwhelmingly likely to increase my vote total,” he said. “While we won on the vote count last night, we are very confident that lead will only increase when all those votes are counted. And it’s simply mathematically impossible for my opponents to win this race.”

As the presidential election awaits a result, Maloney said Congress should get back to work and pass another economic stimulus bill to help the state recover from the pandemic.

“We should get it done immediately. There is no reason to wait now, given that you know what the composition will be in the Congress,” he said. “We have waited long enough to get the help New York needs to recover from the pandemic.”

Farley is not ready to concede defeat. “I’m cautiously optimistic that after that process is complete, we will win, and provide hardworking Hudson Valley families with a voice in Congress which will stand with law enforcement to ensure the safety of our communities and partner with President Trump to reopen our economy,” she said.

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