Letter to the Editor: Global health security needs investment

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To the Editor:

In the current tumultuous state of national affairs, many have lost sight of the important and valuable work that must be done overseas, particularly regarding COVD-19. What is infrequently recognized, by both citizens and officials alike, is that an investment in global health security is an investment in U.S. national security. Our economic interests are at stake as previously developing economies take even larger hits than ours, closing markets for American products that have been growing for years.

I have been encouraging Rep. Antonio Delgado as well as Senators Schumer and Gillibrand to increase the international affairs budget to make an investment in global relief in addition to the domestic relief. The Borgen Project is an amazing nonprofit involved in tackling global poverty on all fronts and they have been leading the charge to lobby congressional members nationwide on this issue.

Many do not believe that foreign aid is a useful investment, but to the contrary, it is a vital investment in ourselves. By creating a safer international system, we bolster our own national security, reduce the need for the U.S. to be a global policeman, and create opportunities for economic growth of our own.

I hope these issues can gain more traction in our national dialogue about COVID-19.


Scott Oatkin,
Rhinebeck, NY

The opinions expressed above belong to the author and do not necessarily represent those of Mid Hudson News.