Letter to the Editor: Cuomo wrong to keep gyms closed

New York has undoubtedly seen the harshest and most devastating impact from COVID-19 and because of this, our state has been more cautious when it comes to reopening businesses. But as we reopen, there is a key industry being excluded from the conversation: fitness.

Maintaining a strong immune system has never been more important as New Yorkers continue to fight the coronavirus pandemic. And exercising is one of the best ways to stay healthy – both mentally and physically. Yet Governor Cuomo is refusing to allow gyms to reopen, even though many can do so responsibly.

I own three Anytime Fitness gyms in the Mid-Hudson region, and my team and I have been preparing to reopen in a safe manner for our members and staff. Unlike some bigger gyms, we are uniquely positioned to reopen given that our gyms are small and we can easily control the number of people inside our facility at a given time. Additionally, we have implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols, and we have spaced out our equipment to maintain proper social distancing guidelines.

Like Governor Cuomo, we are dedicated to keeping people safe, and we care deeply about the health of those in our community. That’s why we were devastated when it was announced that gyms could no longer reopen on July 1.

Small gyms offer tremendous benefits for New Yorkers across the state, and as Governor Cuomo continues to reevaluate what businesses can reopen safely, small gyms must be included.

Greg Monohan
small business owner of three Anytime Fitness gyms in Orange County.

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