Cuomo bring hospitals together to fight COVID-19

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NEW YORK – Hospitals in the New York metropolitan area as well as in Westchester are banding together in the fight against the deadly coronavirus.

Governor Andrew Cuomo brought top officials of the health care facilities together in Manhattan on Monday to forge a purchasing and sharing alliance.

As it stands now, hospitals are competing against one another for needed supplies, everything from masks to gowns and ventilators.

“The troops are the healthcare workers,” he governor said during his daily COVID-19 briefing on Monday. They must be protected with an ample supply of those health protections and the patients must have what they need to care for their health and safety, Cuomo said.

He also put out a call to healthcare professionals in other states that have not been impacted by the virus yet to come to New York and volunteer their time and efforts. When New York’s situation calms down, he said healthcare workers will gladly go to other hotspot areas in the country to reciprocate.