Nuvance Health joins the practice of ‘virtual’ doctor visits

POUGHKEEPSIE – Nuvance Health has launched ‘Virtual Visits’ for primary and specialty care, for access to healthcare during the COVID-19 global pandemic.  These appointments essentially replicate an office visit, allowing patients to speak with and see their provider in real-time to receive a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescriptions, as needed.

“If people are experiencing cough, fever or respiratory problems that are not a medical emergency, telemedicine is an ideal way to assess their health and provide guidance on testing and treatment,” said Dr. Christopher Lehrach president of Nuvance Health’s medical practices.

Starting on March 25, patients of Western Connecticut Medical Group, Health Quest Medical Practice, and The Heart Center can talk to their providers using a mobile app or online through their computer.

Patients initially call their doctor’s office to determine if a Virtual Visit is appropriate. There are some types of appointments that require in-person assessments, such as annual physicals, gynecological exams, and some pediatric visits. Concerns about novel coronavirus (COVID-19), colds, sore throats, respiratory symptoms, and allergies, as well as post-operative follow-ups and second opinions are ideal for a Virtual Visit.

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