Italy leaves vape shops open for business during the COVID 19 pandemic

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The New Year started with the entire world waiting to see if China will maintain control over the spread of a new disease that quickly took over the city of Wuhan in Hubei province. Despite the best efforts to keep this outbreak on a local scale, the latest coronavirus strain was soon isolated in Italy, and by mid-February, countries across the EU and Americas reported first infections.

Italy took the hardest blow with thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of people in hospital care. Such severe measures forced the Italian government to usher strict regulations and suspend some basic human rights for a while, to stop the virus from spreading.

Since the bug spreads in aerosol form, meaning that sneezing and coughing create small drops of liquids filled with coronavirus that can be inhaled or transferred by touch, mass gatherings are suspended, public transportation stopped, all nonessential commercial entities are closed for business, and people are urged to stay at home and avoid contact with others to prevent further spread of COVID 19. Only pharmacies, supermarkets, news agencies, and tobacco stores are exempt, and this is where the controversy began for all of us who enjoy vape mods.

Science against rumors

For a while now, there is a campaign promoting the rumor that even the best vape mods harm chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients. Since the coronavirus infection has the most severe impact on those who suffer from pulmonary diseases, it’s easy to see how negative propaganda can influence the vaping industry.

However, the latest studies on the influence of vaping on pulmonary illnesses show that COPD patients show improvement after switching from regular tobacco products to vaporizers. Besides, a separate study also indicates that people who suffer from asthma also reported a significant improvement in their everyday activities since they moved from cigarettes to some of the best vape mod units on the market.

Since there are no scientific proofs of added risk or harm to COPD patients who vape, and there are numerous studies that showcase the positive effects of vaping for people suffering from lung diseases, we felt obligated to prevent further spread of panic and hysteria in these troublesome times.

Italian scientist as the best box mods defender

There are more than a million registered vaping product users in Italy, with more than 16 million people who use regular smokes daily. Dr. Riccardo Polosa stated that closing down vape shops during the epidemics is not in any way helpful but quite the opposite. His argument starts with the increased anxiety and stress that the current situation is causing, especially with people closed inside their houses that only adds to the level of stress.

Cigarette smoke in closed environments is extremely harmful to children and babies but also for adults that suffer from COPD or related health conditions. On the other hand, best mods allow series of adjustments and different types of vaping materials that don’t introduce any harmful particles in the room, thus protecting the health of other tenants and keeping the vape user relaxed.

Doctor Polosa’s stand was that reopening vape shops would allow users to satisfy their daily needs for nicotine and keep the public health image safe from further degradation. Being quarantined for weeks is in no way a natural condition for a human, and vaping might be just the thing to keep everyone relaxed, calm, and preserve the wellbeing of non-smokers.

The Italian model should also serve as a signal for US authorities who criticize the use of vaping products, especially now when people are prone to anxiety and fear more than ever.

Stay safe, don’t panic

Coronavirus pandemic strikes fear with the entire human population. It’s one of the fastest spreading diseases in decades and governments throughout the world are placing citizens under quarantine, many countries are enforcing curfews, and commercial business worldwide is under lock. However, it’s easy to keep yourself and your loved ones safe if you only follow the guidelines imposed by the WHO and your local government. It’s important not to panic and fall under the influence of mass hysteria and propaganda.

About the author: Christina Matthews, Content Manager at, the journalist who studies the latest news in the health industry.