COVID-19 numbers continue to climb in Hudson Valley

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HUDSON VALLEY – The number of people in Orange County with the coronavirus jumped from 219 on Saturday to 311 on Sunday, County Executive Steven Neuhaus said.

With the need for critical care beds on the rise, Neuhaus said hospitals in his county have 47 percent of their critical care beds available.

With predictions of COVID-19 cases expected in the Village of Kiryas Joel, Neuhaus has asked Governor Cuomo for aid directed at the village.

“I have asked the governor’s office and the state for a number of things that we could be instituting to try to mitigate the spread of the virus, doing the same things that they are doing in other communities like New Rochelle,” he said. “At this time that is not been granted and I’m not sure if the resources are available to that from the state, but the health commissioner and I have made repeated requests.”

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko of Monroe, who treats many residents of Kiryas Joel, said families should stay in touch with the elderly.

“People stuck at home and isolated, they are vulnerable. A sick person cannot treat themselves, so we need to be present and aware of their situation constantly and over time and any changes for the worst need to be recognized and appropriate people need to be notified,” he said.

As of Sunday, county-by-county breakdown of confirmed COVID-19 cases include:

Columbia County – 17

Dutchess County – 82

Greene County – 5

Orange County – 311

Putnam County – 39

Rockland County – 455

Sullivan County – 16

Ulster County – 26

Westchester County – 1,873