Sheen or spill being investigated as possible culprit for New Paltz water problem

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NEW PALTZ – The ban on drinking municipal water in New Paltz continues as local, Ulster County and state officials conduct tests and explore possible reasons for the problems that surfaced on Monday morning.

The licensed water operator and state officials have taken samples of water in several locations at the treatment plant and throughout the system. The state Departments of Health and Environmental Conservation are investigating reports of a sheen identified Tuesday morning at the village reservoirs on the Mountain Rest Road water treatment plant property and if that was related to a possible spill.

The state has expedited the testing and local leaders expect results tomorrow (Wednesday).

Village officials said the timeline for getting the system back online will remain unknown until they have more specific information about any potential contaminants.

Free potable water will continue to remain available until further notice at village hall and at the Meadowbrook, Huguenot Park, and town and county apartment complexes.