Black Heritage stamp to be issued this month; Palisades Postal store open on MLK holiday

Gwen Ifill postage stamp

WEST NYACK – The Palisades Center Post Office will be the only such facility in the area to be open on Monday, January 20 during the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday.

Only Priority Mail Express will be delivered. Normal mail delivery, post retail operations and mail collections will resume on Tuesday, January 21.

The Postal Service will follow up the Dr. King federal holiday with the issuance of the 43rd stamp in the Black Heritage series on January 30 to honor Gwen Ifill, one of the nation’s most esteemed journalists. The stamp art features a photo of Ifill taken in 2008 by photographer Robert Severi.

She worked at a number of major newspapers including the Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post and The New York Times and later covered national politics for NBC and PBS.  Ifill died in 2016.


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