Maloney on impeachment: “The President’s conduct has left us no alternative”

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WASHINGTON – The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Tuesday, released the majority report summarizing the impeachment investigation for the Judiciary Committee as the impeachment proceeding enters the next phase.

President Donald Trump

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D, NY-18), a member of the Intelligence Committee, commented that “The evidence is as clear as it is heartbreaking: President Trump misused taxpayer-funded military assistance to pressure a foreign government for help with his re-election campaign. He did so over months with a reckless disregard for our national security and that of a key European partner currently at war with Russia.

He has obstructed lawful investigations of his misconduct and
repeatedly and knowingly lied to the public.”

Maloney said he has “a high bar for impeachment. But the President’s conduct has left us no alternative. If we are to be faithful to the people we serve and the oath we t

ake to the Constitution, we must hold this president or any president accountable for such misconduct.”

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney

The congressman said he respects “those who hoped for better from this president, and who remain skeptical of this constitutional process. It is precisely because of this respect, not in spite of it, that I will act in the best interests of our country. I am confident that over time, and in the light of history, the facts and the evidence compelling these actions will create a broad understanding of their necessity.”

He thanked “the brave national security professionals and career foreign service and military officers who did the right thing by testifying before the Committee and the American public.”