Volunteers clean up Ponckhockie neighborhood land

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KINGSTON – Spring cleaning is out of season, but some work was done Tuesday to help clean up a piece of land owned by the Kingston Land Trust.

Greg Shaheen, the conservation coordinator for the Kingston Land Trust, was on-site to help clean up a historically significant strip of land owned by the trust in Ponckhockie neighborhood behind the African Roots Library.

“We thought it was a nice opportunity to have a little park for this neighborhood,” he said. “There’s a lot of limbs down, that we will be cleaning up.”

Shaheen and other volunteers used hand tools and a wood chipper to clean up the tree debris covering the strip of land.

Jo Ostrander owns a neighboring piece of property, and she said her property is used by the African Roots Library as a very small garden space. Tuesday’s cleanup will allow the space to be more accessible.

“The property right now is currently not a buildable lot. So it’s used as a vacant space as a lawn for the neighboring properties,” she said. “This will allow this trail to connect to that.”