Day of silence

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It started as a plea for societal tolerance. Nearly fifty years later, it has become a demand for advocacy — by minor children.

On April 12, student members of pro-homosexual clubs in public schools may choose to remain silent for the entire school day to entreat sympathy for students who feel same-sex attraction and/or gender confusion. This “day of silence” seeks to promote the LGBTQ image as normative adolescent sexual development, thus encouraging a “gay” identity at an early age.

Meanwhile, young people aged 13–24 years accounted for an estimated 22% of all new diagnoses of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in the United States in 2014. Most new HIV diagnoses among youths occur among males who have sex with males.

Schools and parents who allow this event are doing a disservice to our youth. Odds are a 13 – 17 year-old with HIV is being sexually abused. Given the HIV incubation period, an 18-24 year-old could have been infected while a minor. Does it make sense to advocate for a lifestyle choice proven to shorten one’s lifespan?

Interestingly, as this “day of silence” stumps for sexual minorities, it does not acknowledge or affirm former homosexuals. So, Voice of the Voiceless exists to advocate on their behalf.

Linda Cebrian,
April 1, 2019