AG takedown money pays for body cams for area cops


ALBANY – Money recovered from organized crime takedowns by the state attorney general’s office will fund new body-worn cameras for law enforcement officers in the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office and the Westchester County Department of Public Safety.
Ulster County will receive $69,776 for 80 body-cams that will be divided between jail and road patrol divisions.
Westchester County police will receive $61,209 for 150 body-worn cameras. They will be used to help create the Department of Public Safety’s body-cam program.
“Body-worn cameras help ensure increased accountability and transparency during law enforcement interactions,” said Attorney General Barbara Underwood. “Yet too often, local police department’s don’t have the resources to buy the. By using funds recovered from our organized crime busts, we’re now able to equip local police departments across the state with body cameras – benefitting all New Yorkers as we work to ensure safe and fair communities.”
Local law enforcement agencies applying for grant money are responsible for a 25 percent funding match.

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