Air Force brass coming to Newburgh to discuss Air National Guard water contamination


WASHINGTON – Top officials of the Air Force and Department of Defense will be coming to Newburgh to meet with residents over the issue of the Stewart Air National Guard’s contamination of the Washington Lake water supply.
Assistant Secretary of the Air Force John Henderson and Assistant Secretary of Defense Robert McMahon will visit the Guard base, which straddles the Newburgh/New Windsor town line, and meet with residents and local leaders to hear their concerns.
Newburgh city officials pulled the plug on Washington Lake back in May 2016 when the carcinogenic chemicals PFOS and PFOA were discovered in the water.
Since then, the city has been receiving its water from the New York City Catskill Aqueduct with the state picking up the cost.
The Guard base has yet to stop the pollution of the streams that feed the reservoir not have it begun any remediation. Congress has secured the funding to, at the very least, start the cleanup, which has yet to begin.

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