Local Democratic leader says party is energized

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Broge, right, with former county chairman Jonathan Jacobson, a current
Newburgh city councilman (photo: Jerry Kleiner)

GOSHEN – Orange County Democratic Committee Chairman Brett Broge was reelected for another two-year term and he sees the party as becoming galvanized.
The large turnout for the recent local primary elections is an indication to Broge that Democrats don’t like what is going on in Washington.
“Young people, certainly people of color, are turned off by what is going on from this administration – the Trump policies, the trump behaviors – and the failure of the Republicans in Washington, DC to do anything to stop the negative things that have come out of this administration,” Broge said.
The chairman said the Democrats have solid candidates running in this fall’s elections and that will pave the way for a strong turnout for mid-term national elections.