Washingtonville boy turns a “lemon” into lemonade

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Cassandra and Greg Thew at the lemonade stand with their three
kids, Ashton, 5, Brayden, 9, and Evan, 7.

WASHINGTONVILLE – Brayden Thew is a nine-year-old Washingtonville
boy, who was diagnosed at 11 days old with Hydrocephalus, an incurable
brain condition where excess spinal fluid swells the brain.
Despite undergoing seven brain surgeries, Brayden is an active youngster, said his mom, Cassandra.
“He loves basketball,” Cassandra said “He plays soccer. He’s a cub scout. We are very, very fortunate because we have friends who have kids with Hydrocephalus that have severe disabilities, whether it is they can’t walk, they can’t talk. It’s kind of like a crap shoot with Hydrocephalus. You don’t what you are going to get because you don’t know how much damage is going to be done neurologically.”
Brayden has put a face on the pediatric disease. He has also found a way to raise money for research.
He has raised $650 with a lemonade stand in front of his house. His effort debuted at the August 24th Date Night at Vern Allen Park with help from the Washingtonville Community Events Team and a number of local businesses.
His popular beverage stand has been invited back to the park for “Witchingtonville 2018” on Saturday, October 20.
Brayden has two brothers, Evan, 7, and Ashton, 5. Cassandra and Greg are expecting.  A little sister will join the family in January.