DEC forest rangers rescue hikers


HUNTER/SHANDAKEN – State forest rangers rescued a 16-year-old YMCA camper hit by a falling rock while climbing a waterfall in the Town of Hunter on August 21. The youth was knocked unconscious into a pool of water.
Rangers, local paramedics and ambulance personnel stabilized the youth
in rescue equipment designed to move patients with head or spine injuries.
It took some five hours to bring the youth to a waiting ambulance for
transportation to Columbia Memorial Hospital in the City of Hudson.
Also on August 21 in the Town of Shandaken, the mother of a 20-year-old inexperienced hiker reported he was exhausted and unable to climb down Slide Mountain. Within 30 minutes of beginning their search, three DEC forest rangers found the Endwell man asleep along the trail. With some food and water, the hiker regained strength to walk out with responding rangers. Within two hours, rangers reunited the hiker with family without need of additional first aid.