Smythe opens campaign headquarters

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Smythe: “I had to do something”

HYDE PARK – Businesswoman Karen Smythe opened her Hyde Park headquarters
on Saturday in her run against Republican State Senator Susan Serino,
who has represented the 41st District since 2014.

Smythe, a Democrat, has her campaign office strategically located next
to Serino’s district office in Hyde Park.

The Poughkeepsie native said she was compelled to run upon hearing increasingly
disheartening news in both the state and the country.

“I recognize that it is in service. It is an opportunity to represent
all of you in Albany and I hope to bring all that I have been through
in my life to get to a place where I can help others who are in this district,”
she said.

“I just got tired of yelling at the TV and thought I had to do something,”
Smythe said. “The more I do this, the more honored I am to be running
for this position. I hope I can bring all I’ve been through in my
life to running this district.”

Smythe was joined by local Democratic leaders as she formally launched
her run, including Assemblywoman Didi Barrett (D, Hudson).

“We need to flip this seat and make this happen to make this state
the progressive state it should be,” she said.

Smythe’s run comes amidst a possible “blue wave,” a
phenomenon that pundits have been predicting where local, state and national
representation will become overwhelmingly Democrat come November.

Michael Dupree, the Dutchess County Democratic Committee vice-chairman,
pointed to this phenomenon when introducing Smythe.

“Ladies and gentleman, if there is going to be a blue wave, it starts
in every small town in America, and Karen is the person to lead the charge
in Albany right now,” he said. “We needed someone who could
take on Sue realistically, and now it needs to be a woman with her strengths
and credibility.”

Other speakers included Dutchess County Comptroller Robin Lois, and Hannah
Black, minority leader of the Dutchess County Legislature.
Black emphasized the importance of canvassing and running a grassroots

“Grassroots campaigns make the difference in who voters choose,”
she said. “Let’s put Karen Smythe’s campaign into full
gear and get out there today.”

Following the event, volunteers and supporters went around canvassing
for Smythe.