Body recovered from Hudson – BREAKING NEWS!


Authorities recovered a male body from the Hudson off Poughkeepsie
(Photo: Special to Mid-Hudson News)

POUGHKEEPSIE – Authorities recovered the body of a man from the
Hudson River off Poughkeepsie this afternoon.

It is unknown if it is that of Paul Moschitta, the 49-year-old Poughkeepsie
man who has been missing for a week after he went into the water.

At noon, police received a report of a possibly body in the river.

The Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office launched their marine unit
and confirmed it was, in fact, a body. Poughkeepsie City Police responded
on land.

It was brought to the area of the Hudson River Rowing Association dock
near Waryas Park where it was recovered and turned over to the Dutchess
County Medical Examiner’s Office.


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