City of Kingston starts replacing lead pipes

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KINGSTON – The City of Kingston’s Lead Service Line Replacement Program is underway with a $544,000 grant from the state health department.
The city’s drinking water does not contain lead, but the corrosion of lead pipes can cause lead to leach into water flowing through the pipes in a home and potentially into drinking water.
If a service line was installed before 1940, it is likely that service
line was made with lead. Mayor Steven Noble said it is anticipated the
city will replace lead service lines in approximately 85 properties in
2018 and 2019.
The initial priority area will be properties in Midtown Kingston where there is a high density of lead service lines and a high density of children. Properties located on any part of Franklin Street and properties from Franklin Street to Cedar Street between Broadway and Clinton Avenue may apply.
Households with a child under the age of six that has tested positive for elevated blood lead levels may apply, even if their property is outside the target area.
Properties may be single-family owner-occupied or rental.
The program will be free to most owner-occupied properties. No-owner-occupied rental properties are eligible for assistance, but owners will be required to contribute $750 toward the cost of the project.
Applications became available on Monday and will be accepted until May 22 and may be found on