Guilty verdict in nightclub owner Christmas murder



WHITE PLAINS – A Bronx man was found guilty by a Westchester County
Court jury on Monday of murder in the shooting death of O’Neil Bandoo,
36, a co-owner of The Mansion, a nightclub at 4 North Third Avenue in
Mount Vernon. The fatal incident occurred at 2:50 a.m. on Christmas Day
2016 while a holiday party was going on inside.

Errol Hillary, 43, shot Bandoo outside the club after he became rowdy
inside, was asked by security to leave, and began to fight with two security
members. Security attempted to forcibly remove Hillary by dragging him
to the front door.

Bandoo was standing outside with a friend of Hillary, who was head of
security at the facility, when they heard the commotion.

The two men entered the club and asked Hillary to comply at which time
he walked toward the front door, pulled out a 9 mm gun and began shooting
back into the hallway.

Bandoo was hit once in the chest and died. Five other people were wounded.

While Hillary kept firing, he was tackled by the head of security, who
was able to disarm him. Mount Vernon police officers arrested him as he
fled the scene.
He was convicted of one count of murder, five counts of attempted murder
and one count of criminal possession of a weapon. He is scheduled to be
sentenced next month and faces 25 years to life on the murder conviction.

At the time of the shooting, Hillary had been released on $200,000 bail
for another shooting in the Bronx where he was charged with attempted
murder. That case is still pending.

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