DACA deadline brings protestors to Faso’s Kingston office


Protestors in front of Rep.John Faso’s Kingston office on Monday

KINGSTON – Some 50 people protested outside Congressman John Faso’s
(R, NY-19) Kingston office today (Monday) to call on him to support a
“clean” DACA bill.

March 5 was supposed to be the deadline for Congress to come up with a
plan for so-called dreamers, those with the status of Deferred Action
for Childhood Arrivals.

Among those who protested in Kingston with the group “Nobody Leaves
Mid-Hudson,” was Alan Castillo, 28, who was brought here from Mexico
when he was four years old.

He and the other 10 dreamers who attended the protest are calling for
a “clean” dream act with no funding for the wall on the Mexican
border or for immigration enforcement.

“I have been here for about 24 years and I pay my dues, I pay my
taxes, I pay my fair share; all I am asking for is clean treatment,”
he said after the rally.
Castillo works as an industrial mechanic who lives in the Hudson Valley.
He did not want to provide the community in which he lives for fear of
government retribution.