Global Gateway Alliance supports plan to expand, modernize Stewart Airport

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Terminal needs to grow to accommodate Stewart’s growing
international status

NEW YORK – Global Gateway Alliance, an organization formed to address the major challenges facing the metropolitan region’s airports and related infrastructure, is in support of the plans to expand the Stewart International Airport passenger terminal by creating a permanent Federal Inspection Station.
Last week the Port Authority approved a $30 million addition on the Stewart terminal for a facility exclusively for international passengers.
Steven Sigmund, the executive director of the Global Gateway Alliance said that the plans for the Newburgh area facility will help alleviate some of the congestion in the metro region.
“You have to have the services for them to come and they have to grow in concert with one another,” Sigmund said. “You have to take these kinds of actions and frankly without a much more robust investment in marketing the airport by the Port, it really won’t reach the potential that it should and it should for the Port’s investment to make sense.”
Global Gateway Alliance Chairman Joseph Sitt said Stewart needs more
flights and services to attract passengers. “Otherwise, this will
be just another plan that prolongs the airport’s life but falls
far short of truly serving our region and our economy,” Sitt said.