Hein signs 2018 Ulster County budget


KINGSTON – Ulster County Executive Michael Hein signed the county’s $323.8 million 2018 budget on Thursday, saying its formulation was a partnership with the county legislature.
The spending plan lowers county property taxes for the fourth consecutive year.
Hein said the county is focused on creating a model government that delivers services for all county residents.
“I am proud with the work we are doing in justice and giving second chances to 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds and trying to change the trajectory of their lives so that they have more opportunity,” the county exec said. “We are proud of what this budget does as far as helping those among us most vulnerable and simultaneously I am proud of the economic development that resulted in our unemployment rate being cut in half.”
The budget also continues the county’s investment in infrastructure by including an additional $16 million to upgrade county roads, bridges and signage. 

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