Troubled Newburgh intersection to receive special treatment

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NEWBURGH – Lake Street in Newburgh has the highest instance of accidents per mile in the city and the city’s planning department has been working for a year to determine ways to improve that situation.
The intersection of Lake Street (Route 32) and Washington Terrace / Washington
Street is a troubled location. Armed with a $20,000 “tactical urbanism”
grant from AARP, the city will focus on calming traffic there, said City
Planner Alexandra Church.
“To make more visible crosswalks at this intersection, to add some traffic calming devices, but also to add some things like flowers, potted plants and some colorful paint on the streets that make the intersection more appealing for people to use in a safe manner so to properly follow traffic signals and traffic lights,” Church said.
This latest effort is part of Orange County’s Complete Streets program, which has already been implemented at key intersections on Broadway in Newburgh.