State audit critical of Rhinebeck extra-classroom activities bookkeeping


ALBANY – The bookkeeping practices of the Rhinebeck Central School District for its extra-classroom activities needs improvement, according to an audit by the state comptroller’s office.
The review covered the period of July 1, 2015 through April 30, 2017 and found that extra-classroom activity collections were not always deposited timely and student treasurers did not maintain adequate supporting documentation for cash receipts.
It also found that the board did not adopt an adequate extra-classroom activity policy to provide comprehensive guidance for district officials and students and it did not appoint a faculty auditor to ensure that receipts were issued, disbursements were supported with adequate documentation and student ledgers were maintained and reconciled with the central treasurer’s record.
Key recommendations from the state review included ensuring that the central treasurer, faculty advisors and student treasurers are adequately informed about the district’s cash receipts policies and procedures, following the specific requirements for the receipt of funds and maintaining adequate and appropriate accounting records.
The report also said the district should update and amend the extra-classroom activity fund policy to provide specific guidance for the financial management and recordkeeping of the activity fund; and that the board should appoint a faculty auditor to ensure that the central treasurer, faculty advisors and student treasurers comply with district policy. 

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